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To:  Real Estate Pros
Date: May 31, 2020
From: Larry Habben

Hello everyone!

Now that the COVID-19 scare is winding down, more and more people are getting out to work, play, and shop - especially for real estate!  This means you and your clients are going to need a home inspector that you can trust whether your clients are buying or selling.  Habben's Home Inspections would like to be that company!

In fact, we would like to help you to "WOW" your clients and knock them off their feet!  Immediately below is a link to our printable PDF eBook called,Habben's Guide To Home Inspections.  Inside, it contains everything that your clients need to know about making informed inspection decisions.  It also contains valuable Gift Cheques that can be presented to your clients as a gift from you.  Print the eBook, bind it, and present it to your clients, or you can simply forward the link below to them - it's up to you!

In any case, I invite you to visit mywebsite at today to see how our experience can help you be a professional real estate pro for your clients.  Or, feel free to call me directly today so that I can answer any questions you have about our experience, expertise, and availability.  I'm here to help!


In your service,

Larry Habben
General Manager
Habben's Home Inspections

Best of 2019 in Orange, CA

At Habben's Home Inspections, we want to earn your trust and confidence so that you would whole-heartedly choose Habben's Home Inspections whenever you, a friend, a family member, neighbor, or co-worker is in need of our professional services to make an informed decision on a property to protect an investment. We strive to be the pinnacle of home inspection companies through our industry leadership, by continually seeking ways to add value to our services for our clients, serving as educators and consultants regarding property-related knowledge gained through our vast experiences, and by giving back to the communities where we reside and operate.

What makes us the best?

We hold the highest standards!

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