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What We Do

What We Do

Robert Humphries Studios is a creative marketing agency with nearly two decades of expertise developing products and services for real estate-related industries. We have over ten years of experience just working with HOME INSPECTION companies. That said, we fully understand the sales and marketing needs of your home inspection business.

Educational Support

RHS provides consumers and real estate pros with educational content and materials about all aspects of the home inspection process and their options. We feel that education is the key to generating sales.

Marketing Support

RHS offers provides marketing-related services to home inspectors and real estate pros through our brands. We create and distribute information that helps to specifically draw the interest of inspection buyers.

Lead Generation

All of our educational and marketing support activities are designed to build interest, answer questions, and inspire confidence from inspection buyers so they are more likely to buy an inspection from you.

Our Brands

Every-so-often, we create in-house projects that help businesses to grow. Here are few that we are currently working on.


Educational portal for consumers and agents with a strict focus on Pre-Listing / Pre-Sale inspections.


This is an eBook to teach real estate pros how to discuss and market inspection to their clients.


This is an eBook designed specifically for consumers that helps to build their confidence about inspection options.

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Feel free to contact us about your personal project.

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